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What is EMS?

In everyday life, your body stimulates muscles naturally by sending bioelectrical pulses through your nervous system and into your muscle fibers. Muscles need this stimulation to move. Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is an amplification of the body’s electrical pulses, providing higher quality and stronger contractions than voluntary muscle contractions.

Why Choose EMS Training?

EMS training delivers unparalleled results in a short amount of time. A single 20-minute EMS session equals 2-3 hours of traditional training in the gym. Traditional workouts recruit about 55-65% of your muscle fibers, while EMS stimulates and activates 90-95% of both Type-I and Type-II muscle fibers. This activates deeper muscle groups, dormant muscles, and smaller stabilizing muscles, leading to better overall muscular balance and increased core stability.

Benefits of EMS

Exponential Caloric Burn

  • Delivers 3x to 4x calorie burns.
  • Increases metabolism for 48 hours post-workout for optimal weight loss results.

Comprehensive Body Sculpting

  • Stimulates muscles that can’t be reached by traditional training.
  • Ideal for those seeking peak results and body perfection.

Athletic Performance

  • Enhances current training and nutrition regimen.
  • Perfect complement for athletes aiming for higher performance levels.

EMS for Injury Recovery

EMS is commonly used to treat various injuries, including chronic muscle pain or joint stiffness. Electrical stimulation improves blood flow and tissue healing in muscles and reduces spasms.

For soft tissue injuries, EMS helps to kickstart the recovery process by ensuring movement returns to the affected area as soon as possible, delivering oxygen and nutrients necessary for healing. EMS bypasses the need for conventional exercise to produce muscle contraction, making it effective in delivering blood flow to injured areas early in the recovery process with minimal movement required.

For bone and structural injuries, EMS can prevent atrophy by maintaining muscle stimulation during the healing process.

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Richie Petruziello

CEO, RichFit EMS

  • EMS uses electrical impulses to stimulate muscle contractions, providing a more effective and intense workout than traditional methods.

  • Yes, EMS training is safe when supervised by certified professionals and has been used in physical therapy and rehabilitation for decades.
  • Yes, EMS training is safe when supervised by certified professionals and has been used in physical therapy and rehabilitation for decades.
  • EMS training is suitable for everyone, including fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and those recovering from injuries.
  • We recommend up to 3 sessions per week, allowing 36-48 hours for recovery between sessions.
  • Visible results typically appear after 8-10 sessions, with a combination of a healthy diet and regular EMS training.
  • Yes, EMS improves blood flow, tissue healing, and prevents muscle atrophy, making it effective for injury recovery.
  • Have a light snack, like a banana or protein bar, 90 minutes before your session. Avoid working out on an empty or full stomach.
  • Yes, but keep the intensity low to allow for recovery. Avoid heavy lifting or intense cardio.
  • Yes, personal EMS suits are available for purchase, though sessions must be supervised by a certified trainer for safety.
  • Fitness trackers measure heart rate but do not account for the additional muscle work during EMS sessions, leading to higher actual caloric burn.
  • No, EMS training is not recommended for individuals with pacemakers or those currently undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Yes, EMS suits and under suits are cleaned and sanitized after each use, ensuring hygiene and safety.

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